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Hey everyone!

I am Sandra.
I have recently become re-obsessed with FFVII, years since I last played it. I am in the middle of another playthrough of it now, loving it again, this time I modded it (it is as close as we will get to a remake, I guess..)

My real life has once again been put on hold since my re-obsession.... But it has that effect on everyone, I am sure.

Pleased to "meet" everyone.

Welcome! We've been under attack from a lot of spam lately but I'm keeping on top of it lol

Welcome to the forum! Thats great. How's the modded version? :) I love replaying FF7. So much to do!

Hey! You`re alive!
If you are in the boat of "desperate for a remake" like I am, then the mods are a great alternative! I chose Tifas Bootleg myself, it has updated models, some graphics, updated menu, text bubbles, a couple of cheats (Yeah on Tifa everytime!) and they have fingers! (most of them) But there are some other good ones I have heard of too, where you can get Advent Children models, and so on. If you have the patience to install the mods, I do recommend it with your next replay.

Wow. Awesome! Im not that techy to install mods. Lol but that's really cool. Aaron revived Aerith though which is super cool to replay with her until the end XD


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