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FFVII modded/remastered "movie" version


Hey everyone! :D

I recently started a little project along with my new playthrough of this game. I have a couple of "those" friends who really want to experience FFVII but they can`t handle the graphics or don`t want to invest the hours. Thus I decided to mod the game (it has updated models, remastered music, some graphics changes etc) then record as I play and edit it afterwards to get rid of most of the endless random fights/walking, make it flow a bit faster, etc. Without a remake from Square, this mod is what I comfort myself with til such a time comes!  ;)

This could be ideal for anyone who wants to re-experience the storyline/characters without investing another 60 hours, or perhaps even anyone who wants to experience the story for the first time. I am currently up to the Forgotten Capital, but I keep adding parts frequently as I play/edit the game.

I thought I`d share, now that I am obsessed with this game (again). So if you want to check it out, the playlist is on my YouTube here:

PS: Most aspects of the game will be in here. I`m not about to skip Yuffie/Vincent/Weapons for example.


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