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Author Bringing *HER* Back

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Bringing *HER* Back
« on: July 04, 2015 05:10 PM »


Technique #1: Debug Room

The only known way to bring her back for a long time. Unfortunately I can only provide the link to the saves on Gamefaqs used in the video by "Odin" and "Darkwolf7777":

And here's three guides from "ADean", "Kao Megura" and "scrwdrvr" respectively; if you're going to use this technique:


Technique #2: Saga Frontier Disc Swap

An awesome glitch discovered by "AquaBlueJonathan", here's his video on it:

"StepTyna" also made a video on it for the North American version:

*Won't work with European versions of FF7 due to Saga Frontier not being released.* :(


Technique #3: Black Chocobo - Best Method

Download Black Chocobo:

Play the game as usual up until Aerith leaves the party and you wake up in Gongaga Village. Go to a save point such as inside Fort Condor or City of the Ancients etc. and save your game.

*Skip the next paragraph for Official PS3/PSP/Vita Firmware use*

Get your save file and open it in Black Chocobo. Click the "Other" tab and tick both checkboxes next to Aerith' name. Then "File" > "Save" to overwrite and then move the file back to either your memory card directory in your emulator folder or save directory in your PC installation folder. Restart the game, load the edited save and check the PHS screen. She should be alive! Yay!

Getting it back onto an Official Firmware PS3/PSP/Vita (Complicated but doable)

PlayStation 3 - Yes, even if playing on a PSP or Vita
PS3 Memory Card Adapter - Preferably Official + USB cable
PS1 Memory Card - Official or third party should work
USB stick - only ~1MB free space needed

Copy the save file onto BOTH the memory card via the adapter and USB drive.

Plug both the adapter and USB drive into your computer.

Make a folder somewhere titled "FF7 Saves" or whatever and copy the save file from the USB to the folder. You no longer need the USB at this point.

Download the drivers for the PS3 Memory Card Adapter: (2nd link)

And download MCRWwin: (Direct link because page is weird lol)

Extract both to separate folders and move into the "FF7 saves" folder.

In Windows, click "Start" go into "Control Panel" > "Device Manager" and locate the PS3 Memory Card Adapter - it should have an exclamation next to it. Right click and select Update Driver Software > Browse my computer for driver software > Browse to *\FF7 Saves\uusbdv20beta and tick include subfolders. When the message appears, choose Install Anyway.

*The drivers I'm using "uusbdv20beta" may have been updated, so the folder may have a slightly different name*

After it's installed you can delete the "uusbdv20beta" folder.

Now open MCRWwin and let it read your memory card which could take up to 30 seconds. Right click your FF7 save and choose "Save[->File](S)", go to the "FF7 Saves" folder, and click once on the PSV save from the USB, then remove the ".PSV" extension and click "Open" to save. DO NOT OVERWRITE THE .PSV SAVE FILE!

Now open Black Chocobo and load the .PSV file that you copied from the USB, go to the "Other" tab and tick both boxes next to Aerith. Go to "File" > "Save as" and overwrite the save from the memory card - THE ONE WITHOUT THE .PSV EXTENSION.

Now reopen MCRWwin, drag and drop the overwritten save file - THE ONE WITHOUT THE .PSV EXTENSION, and click "Yes".

Safely remove the Memory Card Adapter and... YOU'RE DONE! You can now use the memory card in a PS1/PS2, or use the adapter to put it back onto the PS3 and move it to PSP and/or Vita from there.


Aeris Disc 2-3 Guide by "niai mitch"

*I actually discovered this little workaround through MCRWwin a few years ago but decided to post it now since I just did a FF7 playthrough* 8)
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