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Ok, so basically me and ZEMNUS came up with an idea to make an RPG as a forum project between members. We haven't got much so far, but here's what we mainly need:

Someone who can draw - Character Designs, Illustrations
Someone who can make sound effects
Someone who can make music

If you can do and are interested in any of the above please put your name forward. ZEMNUS and myself will be working on the plot and script however anyone can throw ideas into this thread for support.

PS. Anyone who is interested in the above must be prepared to do more than 1 thing (for example, make 3 character designs so we can choose 1 etc.).

Also, give examples of past drawings or music you've made so we can see that your any good.

I rather not have to take the role of the 'character designer', but if it comes down to it I can give a weekend to work on some designs.

lol i cant do any of that buy i tried making an Rpg in  rpg maker xp :)

ZEMNUS, what about illustrations like the world map, dungeons etc.?

Sol Badguy:
damn this is so not my work to do
i was good to make the storyline


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