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Author The Rules

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The Rules
« on: July 21, 2009 05:24 PM »

1. Please read these rules before joining, if you do not accept these rules please do not join.
2. When registering, please do not use innapropriate terms that are offensive or unsuitable for a username - this also applies to your email address name. (Doing so will result in the account being deleted and you will have to register again).
3. You must be 13 or older to register on this forum, if you are under the age of 13 and wish to join, you may do so however please be aware that some discussions on this board may be unsuitable.


4. When posting, please do not bully other members for what ever reason (these include offensive terms, racism and swearing towards other members). If you feel you are being offended/bullied by another member, please report to a Moderator, super Moderator or myself. If you are found bullying, you will be banned immediately.
5. Please do not advertise on the forum, this includes: posting threads to advertise, posting in random threads to advertise, sending PM's to random members to advertise and posting links in your signature to advertise. (Doing this once will result in a warning, however if you continue to advertise on this forum you will be permanently banned).
6. Please use the smilies appropriately, do not use any more than 5 smilies in a post.
7. When posting images, please do not post any offensive/racist material, swearing within images is ok as long as it sticks by rule 8.
8. Light swearing is allowed (such as: ass, piss, shit etc. as well as: WTF, FFS etc.) however anything else will be starred out. Please only use these terms appropraitely and jokingly, NEVER use them against another member. If there is a lot of swearing in your posts, you will recieve a warning.
9. When posting videos, if they have innapropriate language and/or material, please state so within the post of the video.
10. When debating, please do not flame bait other members.


10. When posting threads, please make sure it is related to the topic in which you are posting, for example: if you are posting a thread about FF7, don't give the thread a name like 'this is a good thread' or 'blah blah blah'.
11. Never post swear words in thread titles.


12. When setting your avatar, please make sure the size is 120X120 pixels, any larger will be refused.
13. Do not use innapropraite images as your avatar - doing so will result in a ban.


14. When setting your signature, please make sure the maximum size is no more than 600X150 (Special members have 650X200).
15. Do not use innapropraite images as your signature - doing so will result in a ban.
16. When linking your signature to somewhere, please do not link it to any innapropriate content/websites.

Other things you should know

- To edit a thread title, edit your original post (OP) - (only works if you posted the thread yourself).
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