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So, are you playing the game right now? Answer it in the poll and feel free to Elaborate in detail below (did i say that right?).
I have finished the game before on my ps1 but now it doesn't work anymore and i had gotten pretty far there. I hadn't killed all the weapons, just that big dragon weapon (Ultima Weapon?), the rest of them were way to hard.  :roll:
Now i am playing the PC version of FFVII on my computer and i'm using my ps3 controller so i get the same feeling :P. I've reached the northern snow place where you have to climb up to the northern peak of the map. CD2.

Let us hear your story  :D

I bought ff8 think it was ff7...problem being i didn't know roman numerals for shit. So yea...I beat ff8 after getting a second copy because a disc error on disc 3, and I was so hyped up for playin' ff7 because all "best game ever made*jizzed*." So I got my copy of ff7 on ebay for $50 and in the end I thought..."I prefered ff8." Was a great game in the ff series, i enjoyed playing the shit out of it and did almost everything but full-mastering and defeating the 2 weapons, but it was not what i was hoping for. Forgive me for being the minority but I prefer few other ffs over ff7. :roll:

...Was a fun my 3rd ff. AND THEY GOTTA STOP MILKIN' THIS SERIES!!!

I have never played VIII before. I right now only have VII, IX,X and FFXII
What do you mean by "milking" the series?

They are tryin to make as much money as they possibly can, even if it makes you ashamed of the name. Dirge of Cerberus, Advent Children, and Advent Children Complete, Cloud Vol. 1&2, ect. They just can't let it go. But it was such a good game! So was a ff1-ff6, ff8 and ff9, now finally they are making spin-off of the other, hear about the FF4 sequel. *slits wrist* I am ashamed, FF4 was perfect as it was, leave it alone! As long as it makes money then NO PROBLEM. Why else did they make the disaster sequels to Jaws, LOL. Milk me!

Back on topic, I as a consumer bought ff7 off psn, and i already own a copy. We just can't let it go. :roll:

yeah, like Clouds PS3 xD

I didn't bother buying FF7 from PSN since i already have it on my pc :P


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