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it seems that Square has some plans to - not to remake - but to make a Sequel to Final Fantasy VII!
The name of the game hasn't been decided yet but the story of the game will be about what happened 8 after the events of FFVII. You'll get to play as Red XIII (who will be known as Nanaki) as he finds out secrets about his tribe and about his father: Seto.
What has Bugenhagen keeping away from Nanaki all these years? Click on the video for an exclusive interview with Tetsura Nomura (english text).The console will be on the PS3 and Xbox360. It seems that Square is getting really moneyhungry right now :P



LOVE IT!!! :rock:

wow this is ridiculos

Did you guys even watch the vid? :lol:

I don't think Sony would let MS have a FF7 title anyway. Nomura said in an interview a few weeks back in famitsu, that he's planning the next title in the compilation, but we wont know anything for awhile (like after Versus XIII's release). I want another movie (maybe Crisis Core).

Lol I saw and loved every second of it. But I don't want another damn movie, 2 years for 2 hours is not enough for me, and another year or 2 for an extra 30 minutes. I just want the last sequel to explain Weiss and Genesis, then a remake, then make ff15 instead of making 'Final Fantasy VII: 8'. Obviously I am asking to much of them. Anyway the costume was A+.


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