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They should port this to PSP

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Anyone agree that they should put all the episodes together and port Before Crisis to the PSP?

It'd sell well I'd think and its practically already done they just need to port it onto PSP. I think people who already have it on their phones would rebuy it since it'd be in widescreen and if SE put a extra episode or 2 in there.

That would be awesome, I would buy it. :D

I doubt they would make much money at all doing a PSP port, and I don't think it would be worth it. This game won't compete with Crisis Core or Agito which can make sales on its own as great looking PSP games, but BC is 5 years old and built for mobile. Have you seen this game running?

A serious remake, and I mean SERIOUS, would possibly spark interest, but I would still not buy this. From a developer standpoint, I don't think this would this be worth their time.

Looking at Sony's new app store I think it fits the bill perfectly, a 'light' styled game and an extremely cheap port they'd make their money back instantly

You might need to catch me up on this money making app store. Are these the games like Linger in the Shadows and Bowling.


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