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--- Quote ---A. Game Information
System: PlayStation Portable
Genre: Action RPG
Japanese Release Date: 9th January 2010
Estimated Price: Unknown
CERO Rating: Unknown
Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. Developed by Square-Enix

Director: Tetsuya Nomura
Co-Director: Tai Yasue
Producer: Patrick Chen
Co-Producer: Yoichi Yoshimoto
Executive Producer: Shinji Hashimoto
--- End quote ---



--- Quote ---Long before Sora took up the Keyblade, ten years before the first Kingdom Hearts, other Keyblade masters and apprentices existed. One day, one of these masters and his apprentice disappeared, foreshadowing a disaster. Three apprentices were sent to find Master Xehanort and his apprentice, Vanitas. Maleficent is suspected to be the main antagonist in this game, causing the disappearance of Master Xehanort and Vanitas, thus causing this 'great disaster' which was mentioned by Aurora in Kingdom Hearts. Many mysteries and unexplained ideas about the Keyblade will be answered and many connections to the main characters we know today will be answered as well. To replace the Heartless and Nobodies, the Unversed will be serving as the main species of generic enemy within the game. This is also the second Kingdom Hearts game to have a multiplayer mode, with three players being able to link together.

In Ultimania, when asked about Birth by Sleep, Nomura answered: "Birth by Sleep will be a very important game that collects everything about the series into one story. With the three main characters, the story is as big as one of the numbered Final Fantasies. We put in a lot of connections to it in Days, and I think that a lot of questions and unknowns from the previous game will be answered in Birth by Sleep. Also, there will be quite a few original characters from previous making an appearance. This game is set the farthest in the past of any other, so it connects to Kingdom Hearts, but the main characters are three that haven’t appeared in the other games. So how their story will end, which will of course be shown in the game, will leave you wondering even more after the game has finished."

--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---The game revolves around three main characters: Terra, Ven and Aqua, who were first featured in a secret ending in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Like previous Kingdom Hearts titles, Birth by Sleep will feature numerous Disney characters new and old, as well as many returning characters from previous games like King Mickey, Donald Duck, Goofy, young Sora and Riku, and Master Xehanort and his apprentice. Also appearing are Maleficent, some of the Princesses of Heart (Snow White, Cinderella, & Aurora), Stitch (as Prototype 626), Captain Gantu, Dr. Jumba, Experiment 221, as well as some of the Apprentices of Ansem the Wise before they became Nobodies. Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys were confirmed as well. The game will introduce a new type of enemy different from Heartless and Nobodies, known as the Unversed.
--- End quote ---



--- Quote ---Terra is a Power Type. He is one of three apprentices under an unnamed and unseen Master who was sent to seek out Master Xehanort and his cohort when they disappeared one day. Terra wields a Keyblade without a keychain and his name means "earth" in Latin . He treats Ven as his friend, since Ven had saved him previously and he believes that Master Xehanort had done something to his heart. He places his goals as top priority which later causes him to succumb to darkness for power.


Terra is the most powerful of the trio in terms of the damage aspect. He uses slow, but very heavy and hard-hitting attacks to decimate his enemies. On top of that, he has access to both a variety of magical spells as well as heavy physical strikes. His known Mode Changes are:

* Fatal Mode: A powerful fighting style that utilizes slow, but heavy hits to their maximum.
* Rock Breaker: After fulfilling certain requirements, Fatal Mode changes into Rock Breaker. A powerful and long-ranged style that works best on the ground, it summons three large earth crystals from the ground to damage enemies.
* Thunder Bolt: A swift mode change that unleashes powerful lightning upon attacks.
* Fire Blazer: A ranged and versatile mode change that focuses the Keyblade to erupt flames while attacking.
* Dimension Link: A mode that allows Terra to summon characters from other worlds to aid him in battles.
* Shoot Lock: Star Burst: Multiple blasts of light fire from his Keyblade to hit the enemies. The input command is to continuously press O. “Fly shining blasts of light!” “Rapidly press the button to release the Finish command.”
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Ventus, also known as Ven, is a Speed Type, and is also one of the three apprentices sent to seek out Master Xehanort and his cohort. Ven bears a striking resemblance to Roxas and has an unexplained connection to both Roxas and Sora. Ven also wields a Keyblade without a keychain and his name means "wind" in Latin. When confronted with Master Xehanort in the Coliseum, Ven was unable to recognize him, however on the other hand Master Xenahort is easily able to recognize Ven. Master Xenahort then tells Ven that in order to know the truth he must give up everything. Ven's story will feel the closest to that of previous Kingdom Hearts games, he is also very friendly and easily makes friends with the dwellers in the worlds he visits. Ven cameos in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days when Xigbar battles Xion and for a slight moment sees her as Ven, hinting that Xigbar, as Braig, has seen or met him before. In the same game, Xemnas is also said to see Xion as Ven, hinting a connection between Xemnas and Ven.


Ven is the fastest of the trio, using swift combo attacks with quick movements. Unlike most Keyblade wielders, Ven wields his Keyblade in a reverse grip. Aside from his impressive speed, Ven also utilizes a variety of magic, including new and unique spells such as the Zero Gravity. He also seems to have access to some of Sora's very own techniques, such as the Strike Raid. His known Mode Change are:

* Speed Rave: Ven's personal fighting style that puts a large emphasis on overwhelming enemies with wide-ranged, speed-based combos.
* Cyclone: After meeting certain requirements, Speed Rave morphs into much more powerful Cyclone style, attacking surrounding enemies with spin attacks.
* Thunder Bolt: A swift mode change that unleashes powerful lightning upon attacks.
* Fire Blazer: A ranged and versatile mode change that focuses the Keyblade to erupt flames while attacking.
* Dimension Link: A mode that allows Ventus to summon characters from other worlds to aid him in battles.
* Shoot Lock: Photon Charge: Rush to locked on enemies for multiple hits. If the lock on number reaches MAX, a pillar of light raises for a Finish attack.(The information for how to input it isn’t written, but according to last year’s movie you have to hit the O button once at the correct time.) “Lock on to all enemies in the area.” “A straight attack with the speed of light!”
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Aqua is a Magic Type. She is the last of the three apprentices sent to seek out Master Xehanort and his cohort; she is also the only female. She too wields a Keyblade without a keychain and her name means "water" in Latin. During her journey she often meets up with both Terra and Ven. Of the three apprentices, she is the most mature and serious about things. She always maintains a calm mind in all situations but has a breaking point when she is constantly worried about Terra and Ven whom she also places her utmost trust in. Her armour is seen in the Room of Sleep below Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, visited often by Xemnas, who refers to it as a "friend", hinting a connection between Xemnas and Aqua.


Aqua is described by Tetsuya Nomura as being "tricky". A magic-based fighter with agility to boot, she's capable of doing cartwheels while attacking with her Keyblade. While she's more than capable physically, her prowess lies with a more magic-oriented fighting style, being versed in all forms of it. On top of that, she seems to utilize her own forms of unique magic, including a form of teleportation in mid-battle and an ability that can freeze enemies in time. Her known Mode Changes are:

* Magic Wish: Her own exclusive Mode Change; it seems to utilize the power of light to attack enemies, while enhancing her magic capabilities as well.
* Diamond Dust: An ice-based style that seems to specialize in crowd-control and dealing with multiple enemies.
* Thunder Bolt: A swift mode change that unleashes powerful lightning upon attacks.
* Fire Blazer: A ranged and versatile mode change that focuses the Keyblade to erupt flames while attacking.
* Dimension Link: A mode that allows Aqua to summon characters from other worlds to aid her in battles.
* Shoot Lock: Rainbow Shower: Light in seven colors bursts from the Keyblade and chases after enemies. Press O at the right time in the circle to input the command. “An attack with light in seven colors.” “A spiraling light whirlwind, a rainbow attack, again!”
--- End quote ---

Mickey Mouse

--- Quote ---He is training under Master Yen Sid in order to become a stronger Keyblade Master and is accompanied by both Donald and Goofy. However, it is unknown at this point of time whether he is the King of Disney Castle or not.
--- End quote ---

Master Eraqus

--- Quote ---Master Eraqus is the dignified master of the three protagonists of the game: Terra, Ven and Aqua. He was described in Famitsu as being "the one who is keeping the power of light alive in the world". He is one of the few "Keyblade Masters" in existence. When Master Eraqus saw a connection to appearance of Unverse and Master Xehanort's disappearance, he orders his three apprentices to go on a journey to Investigate and find Master Xehanort. His relation with Master Xehanort is similar to that of old classmates.

He first made an appearance in a trailer shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2009 and was described by viewers as having a "samurai-like" appearance. He was previously thought not to appear physically in the game with mentions of him by the protagonists. His appearance and name was unveiled in the November edition of the Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, his name is an anagram of "Square", the first name of the developer. He also bears a striking resemblance to Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.
--- End quote ---


Master Xehanort

--- Quote ---He is currently considered to be the main antagonist of the game. One day he and his cohort disappeared and due to the threat of his disappearance, a Master sent his three apprentices to seek out him and his cohort. He also has a connection to Xehanort's Heartless in the original Kingdom Hearts and wears the same clothes as him but without the heartless emblem and a fully buttoned shirt. He is able to wield a Keyblade with a keychain. His goal has yet to be revealed.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---She is also an antagonist of the game, her goal is to capture all the beings with hearts of pure light. She does this with the help of Terra, although her motive behind this is unknown. She is often seen helping Terra, but fighting with both Ven and Aqua. She is believed to have a part to play in Master Xehanort and his apprentice's disappearance.
--- End quote ---

Confirmed Worlds

--- Quote ---
* Castle of Dreams
* Deep Space
* Destiny Islands
* Dwarf Woodlands
* Enchanted Dominion
* Land of Departure
* Neverland
* Olympus Coliseum
* The Gathering Place
* The Radient Gardens
* Yen Sid's Tower
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Birth by Sleep is an action role-playing game. Its battle system has received an overhaul of that from previous Kingdom Hearts games and slightly resembles that of Re:Chain of Memories. The game allows players to customize their "deck" by choosing which techniques and abilities to display.

Another new gameplay aspect is the Command System; when the command gauge is filled and requirements have been fulfilled the Command Style of the character will change. When the gauge fills up and the requirements have been fulfilled for the second time, the character will change to an even higher level Command Style. Yet another new aspect of the game would be a new character growth system where the characters would grow rather than just level up like in previous games, however this aspect of the game has not been shown yet.

A new feature of the game is the Command Board; it appears whenever the player completes a world. Each world has its own unique Command Board which has its own tricks and mechanisms, players can access the Command Board during save points and on the world map after unlocking the Command Board. The Command Board plays like a regular board game where a dice is thrown and the player moves, each space will have its own unique effect on the player. Various Disney characters both heroes and villains from throughout the game will also appear on their respective Command Board to either aid or hinder the player. Special panels in the board game can trigger "special events" when landed on by the player.

The game does not utilize a Magic Points (MP) system for spell or magic casting, unlike in previous games in the series. Instead it uses a new system known as "Focus" which is displayed in a gauge on the interface, it involves targeting spells using what is known as the "Shoot Lock Mode". It involves the characters casting spells in a first person mode, where each character is able to cast their own unique magic attacks.

A new aspect of the game is the Dimension Link or D-Link for short which would be used to summon allies to lend their power to aid the player from different worlds, no matter how far away. Companions such as Experiment 626 who have been left behind in previous worlds can be called upon once again to temporarily aid the player in his journey, by providing the player with a whole new range of new attacks in his command deck replacing the usual ones. At the end a new powerful finishing move would be activated to take out enemies, each ally used will have a unique set of attacks and finishing move. Each finishing move has two levels which can render a finishing move more powerful than before similar to that of the Command System. The D-Link can be activated by filling up the D-Link gauge which is done through collecting "Prize Boxes" which have been left behind by defeated enemies. So far, there are only three characters that will be D-Link for the three keyblade warriors. Mickey for Aqua, Stitch for Ven, & Cinderella for Terra.


The game is divided into three separate scenarios, with each scenario surrounding an individual of the three main characters: Terra, Ven and Aqua. The gameplay of each scenario differs based on the personalities and abilities of each character such as power, speed and magic. Players are able to choose which of the three scenarios to begin with and are able to switch to another scenario, midway through playing a scenario.


The game features a multiplayer mode known as "Joint Struggle", it is currently unknown how many players can play at a time. Players will control one of the three main characters who are wearing their suits of armor as seen in the "Secret ending" of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+. Players will fight together co-operatively in a "Survival Mode" style of gameplay in an arena known as the "Mirage Arena" against wave after waves of Unverses. Currently only Ad-Hoc wireless multiplayer has been announced, it is unknown at this point of time if Infrastructure Mode will be supported.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Created for the PlayStation Portable, Birth by Sleep is being directed by Tetsuya Nomura and co-directed by Tai Yasue. In 2007, Nomura mentioned a desire to create a spin-off Kingdom Hearts game on a mobile platform and for it to feature gameplay slightly different than other titles in the series. It was announced alongside Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts coded at the Tokyo Game Show on September 20, 2007, where a trailer was shown in a photo-prohibited theater. New trailers were shown at the 2008 Jump Festa in December 2007 and the DKÓ3713 Private party in August 2008—a playable demo was also available at DKÓ3713.

Birth by Sleep is being developed by the same team behind Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, and will use the same graphical engine as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Development of the game began before the release of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+. The plot was completed, but development was halted due to development of Re:Chain of Memories. Birth by Sleep is named after the unlockable trailer at the end of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. The development team plans to make use of the PSP's functions and is considering either co-operative or competitive multiplayer gameplay. Of the three new games announced, Birth by Sleep was the first one to begin development, however it will be the last one released due to the development team halting development to work on Re: Chain of Memories.
The June 5 issue of Famitsu covers an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, where he says that the game is currently at the voice recording stage. It also speculates that the game will be showcased at Tokyo Game Show 2009.

In August, new Famitsu scans revealed that the User Interface has been revamped again for the third time as well as new worlds after a lack of news for close to a year. It was also revealed that the official names for the new enemies were the Unverses and not the Unbirths as previously believed. Nomura also confirmed in an interview that Birth by Sleep will indeed have a secret ending like in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II for the next game in the Kingdom Hearts series which is presumably a main game and the one which Nomura stated would link up Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days and Coded though he refused to say if it would be Kingdom Hearts III saying "The next game will be the next game" when asked if it was Kingdom Hearts III. He also confirmed that a Birth by Sleep demo would indeed be playable at the 2009 Tokyo Games Show together with a new trailer.
--- End quote ---

do u know what kinda battling it will have?

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Zack looks like a girl O.o


--- Quote from: Down4SB on August 23, 2009 03:27 AM ---do u know what kinda battling it will have?

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Same as KH1 I think.

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Thats because its not Zack

k good by kh1 u meen the one on ps2? if so thats good


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