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  • January 22, 2018 04:26 PM
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Author Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party Footage

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Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party Footage
« on: September 09, 2009 03:37 PM »
This event happened yesterday...and it was a closed theater. Greatest idea ever! :S
Serah is Lightning's sister and Snow's fiance.
Though this was was here that they announced December 17 as the release date.
The new main theme is called "Kimi ga iru Kara" and it is sung by Sayuri Sugawara.
Sazh's summon is Ifrit and like how Shiva turns into a motorcycle...Ifrit turns into a race car.
Sazh has a son.
For the ladies...Snow has a shirtless scene and there is man nipples! :rock:
Yes...and Shia LaBeouf will make a guest appearance with his car from transforms. That last statement was a joke. :roll:

Sazh's Son:

Trailer Details:
5:38 bashcraft:  child's voice: "the future is scary because you can't see it."  

5:38 bashcraft:  there's snow and a young girl
5:39 bashcraft:  they kiss. fireworks are exploding in teh background  

5:39 bashcraft:  an airship drops. PSICOM soldiers deploy.  

5:39 bashcraft:  Yaag orders them forward. gameplay scenes. quick cuts of boss fights.  

5:40 bashcraft:  gameplay of hope and snow and lightning running thru the field  

5:40 bashcraft:  sazh's summons goes into gestalt mode -- which is a FREAKING RACE CAR  

5:41 bashcraft:  lighting and sera ( the young girl at the beginning of the trailer)  

5:41 bashcraft:  Hey, it's jihl nabaat -- AKA glasses lady.  

5:42 bashcraft:  oerba apologizes to sera, "i'm so sorry and drops to her knees"  

5:42 bashcraft:  air crafts flying thru electric bolts.  

5:43 bashcraft:  sera falls out of an aircraft, snow goes SERA  


5:43 bashcraft:  now snow has his shirt off and yaag and troops have lasar sights on him, ready to fire  

5:43 bashcraft:  there is man nipple  

5:44 bashcraft:  sazh and oerba have an argument  

5:44 Luke Plunkett:  and no pics :(  

5:44 bashcraft:  hope pissed off, snow pissed off  

5:44 bashcraft:  new lady with a tattoo -- pretty sure she's new, i havent seen her before  

5:44 bashcraft:  sera collapsed on the ground saying, "protect me"