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When will KH3 be released?

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Umm, yeah...

After FF15 obviously, being the same team, and since we STILL have no date for that, what year do you think?

PS. Poll question is a quote from Terminator, just came to me when making this really lol


--- Quote ---Square Enix CTO Yoshihisa Hashimoto has left the company citing personal reasons, Japanese site Game Watch reports.

Hashimoto served as tech director on the successfully rebooted Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and was overseeing development of the company's new Luminous Studio engine, which was first unveiled in 2011.

According to the Game Watch report, Square Enix has put senior engineer Remi Driancourt in charge of its Advanced Technology Division and the Luminous Studio project, while Hideyuki Kasuga, lead programmer on Final Fantasy XIV, will take over as that game's technical director. Hashimoto will continue to advise the company after his departure.

The Luminous Studio engine powers the "Agni's Philosophy" demo embedded in this story, which the company detailed at E3 2012, and plays some part in the development of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, though it was originally developed using a different, custom engine.
--- End quote ---

You seem to be missing a "never" option or an option for "SE will scrap this and go iOS only" after PS4 :P

Seriously, probably around 2017, FFXV late 2015/early 2016.

Oh man

Versus moved from PS3 to PS4, so I say this'll move from PS4 to PS5 lol

You all have such little faith :(

SpoilerDon't blame you really ;)


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