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Limited Edition DQ PS4



--- Quote ---At a press conference in Tokyo yesterday, Sony and Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Heroes for PlayStation 3 and 4, the first game in the impossibly-big-in-Japan series to hit PlayStation platforms in close to a decade. It's a Dynasty Warriors-style action game produced in collaboration with Koei Tecmo, and could give Sony a sales boost next year; the PS4 hasn't been performing well in Japan so far, with a distinct lack of titles that appeal to the local market. All of this is fairly interesting if you're a Dragon Quest fan or are into Japanese games.

If you're neither of those things, though, just look at this awesome Dragon Quest Metal Slime edition PS4 that will accompany the game. It's decked out in silver and emblazoned with the cute Slime mascot from the series, with a Metal Slime dripping over the edge. There's never been a cuter way to protect your USB ports.

Dragon Quest Heroes will be out in Japan next spring; the limited edition PS4 doesn't have a price or release date, but it should arrive around the same time. Chances of a release outside Japan are, inevitably, pretty low.
--- End quote ---

THE SLIME, can be removed:


Looks amazing

Awesome, too bad its not DQXI though. Should boost sales in Japan quite nicely.

It is an important I want everyone to read.


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