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  • January 16, 2018 05:38 PM
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Author Ukiyo no Shishi (PS3) and Roushi (Vita) annouced (Danganronpa staff)

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Both games tell a ‘what if’ story of the end of the edo era. Both share the same fields and systems, but offer wholly different stories.

The PlayStation 3 version tells the story of the Ishin side (i.e. pro-emperor or anti-shogunate)—of the patriot Ryoma Sakamoto. It tells a new interpretation while still dealing with actual historical events.

The PS Vita version tells the story a Shinsengumi soldier. As an inspector, players will solve the mysteries of incidents using elements of reasoning to progress.

The games only have one ending, but there will be small branches within the story.

The game employs a rendering engine known as the “Ukiyo Engine,” which allows the team to create whatever landscapes they like using ukiyoe-esque visuals.

Here’s the game’s staff:

Director: Kazunori Hanashima
Main Planner: Takayuki Sugawara (Danganronpa Director)
Character Designer: Hidetoshi Fujii (Danganronpa)
Music: Kemmei Adachi (Patapon, LocoRoco)


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Spike Chunsoft Announce Two New Japanese-Style Action Adventure Games.
The names of the game are Patriot of Ukiyo (Ukiyo no Shishi) for PlayStation 3 and Ronin of Ukiyo (Ujiyo no Roshi) for Vita.Spike Chunsoft Announce Two New Japanese-Style Action Adventure Games