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October Competition: $10 Giftcard!

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Current Entrants:

cher horowitz

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Hello all and welcome to the October Competition. For this giveaway you'll have options on what your prize will be from the following:

Playstation Network $10 Card
Nintendo E-Shop $10 Card
iTunes $10 Gift Card
Google Play $10 Gift Card
Skype $10 PrePaid Card

How to enter: All you have to do is reply to this topic with which of the above you want. At the end of the competition you will be entered into a random draw.

The number of times you will be entered will be equal to your post count. For example: Someone with 50 posts will have 50 entries and has a much higher chance of winning than someone with 10 posts / 10 entries.

You must have registered AFTER August 1st 2014 (so new members only).

Closing Date: October 31st 2014 - Reply here BEFORE then to have a chance!

*Giftcards will be bought from
**The code will be delivered to your Private Messages inbox if you win.
***If you code does not work (which it should) there won't be a second code sent out.

I'm in!

I'll take the PSN card if I win.

Good luck to all!

Next giveaway I'm entering then.

mez0 I hope loads of people join and you don't win again :lol:

Just kidding man. Good luck everyone! :D

Good idea doing these comps, hopefully will bring a few people in

I'm in. i will go for the Skype $10 PrePaid Card.


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