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cher horowitz:
Some fraud trolled eoff chat with some kind of gift card giveaway and I was bored so I came here. Also #eoff is being lame atm.

Totes jk. Except about the gift card bit. Someone really did that.

Anywho.. I love final fantasy. Someday I'll have a Tonberry King tattoo somewhere. My bf jacked my idea for a Bahamut and now has a back piece of him. I fully plan to tattle to his mom about it someday.

I also love to cook, read, hang out with my kiddo, & drink.

I live in NYC.

Nice to meet y'all !

Probably mez0 :lol:

Welcome though! I'm also from NY where bouts you from?

I was told to get members even if it meant pissing them off ;)

Welcome, Cher!

True. Good work :)

cher horowitz:
Rofl. We were like "Freed stop being a bot yo." cuz we thought it was one of our members trolling ..

I'm actually from Nashville, but I moved here in February to be with my boyfriend..

I'm in NYC! In Queens, but we but we just moved out to the Rockaways down by the beach... But in a more upscale (New!) community. Downside is that It's over an hour train ride to Manhattan, but we're right across the street from the A train.

What part are you in???


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