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Ehrgeiz was a fighting game featuring FF7 characters. I just now heard of it. Has anyone played it?

I discovered it like a month or two ago. I have never played it =( But I really want to lol

It's a great arena fighter and it has Vincent in it! It needs be released on PSN (right now its only on the Japanese store :()

It does look really cool. I never really got into pure 3D fighters, but it still looks fun.

It's pretty good actually. It's not like Tekken or Virtua Fighter its kinda like a corner view arena like this:

There's an Adventure mode where you run around like a kind of RPG overworld and then there's a regular arcade/free play mode (you can only play FF7 characters in this mode). Not sure who made it though I dunno if it was the Tekken team themselves but it was made by Namco.


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