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Author "I am Legend" getting a reboot

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"I am Legend" getting a reboot
« on: October 06, 2014 04:16 PM »
Are you aching for some new “I Am Legend” after that last remake?  I didn’t think it was a horrible movie, in fact, I would say the director’s cut was actually good.  But I think I’ve had my fill on that particular story.  However, it would seem that Warner Bros thinks the world is ready for more legendary action.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros is pushing forward with an “I Am Legend” reboot after acquiring a script for an entirely different project.  This one took an interesting path to production, here’s how it went down according to Deadline.

Warner is retrofitting A Garden At The End Of The World, a spec script that the studio bought back in April from Gary Graham, who was working at the Apple store in midtown Manhattan when he posted his script on the Black List website and got the attention of CAA and manager Brooklyn Weaver.

Graham’s script was described as a sci-fi version of John Wayne’s classic film “The Searchers.”  However, as Warner Bros executives started comparing Graham’s script to the “I Am Legend” property, they realized that they could use his story as a platform for a reboot of the property.  Provided, of course, that he made a couple of adjustments to his story.

Honestly, I’d rather see that sci-fi version of “The Searchers”, to me that sounds way more interesting than another “I Am Legend” film.  Ah well, such is the Hollywood machine.  What do you think? Interested in seeing another take on “I Am Legend”? Let us know below.


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Re: "I am Legend" getting a reboot
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2014 04:30 PM »
I think that the movie with Will Smith was good, but I guess that some people didn't like it.