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Kingdom Hearts 3 is now using Unreal Engine 4



--- Quote ---――改めて、『KHIII』の開発状況についておうかがいできればと。

野村 着々と、予定しているスケジュール通りに進んでいます。さまざまな理由でゲームエンジンをUnreal Engine4に変更した影響で、絵づくりの部分で苦労している部分はあるのですが、Epic Gamesさんの協力もあり無事進行でき ています。
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---In the full interview about KH 2.5 HD Remix, Famitsu asked Nomura for a status update on the development of KH3. Nomura says that development is proceeding as planned based on the schedule, but that they have switched to Unreal Engine 4 for "various reasons". He goes on to say that because of the engine switch they're having some rendering issues at the moment, but that Epic Games is working closely with them to resolve any issues.
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lol wut

That's amazing. I am surprised that the Unreal Engine has been used in so many games other than the FPS games that it was originally designed for.

Wait so that Luminous engine was a complete waste of time and money if they actually change XV to UE4 as well which I expect. This is insane, that's like 3 or 4 engines it's gone through now.


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