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Official Game Reviews Thread!


In this thread, you will find links to numerous game reviews that people have made on this forum.

If you wish to post your own review, then please ensure that you follow the guidelines below, to help make it easier for the staff to categorise.

* Make sure that you post the review in the correct board, and that you list the specific consoul that you played it on in the thread title, as well as the name of the game you played.
* If possible, try and give the game an overall score out of 10. That way, if we happen to get more then one review for the same game, then you can list the individual scores in this thread.
* Finally, try and be as descriptive and objective as possible with what you found pleasing/displeasing for the game. Personal biases can often ruin a well written review.
Other then that, you can lay out your review as you want to. And it's that easy!  :D


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