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Author Nomura-Unannounced highly anticipated and requested game?

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Nomura-Unannounced highly anticipated and requested game?
« on: January 10, 2010 05:05 PM »
Nomura stirring hype pot again

Ol’ Tetsuya’s doing what he does best again: stirring things up with foreshadowed announcements of announcements. In the most recent Gamega magazine, amid speakings of his other projects, he’s asked what he’s most looking forward to in 2010. Nomura declines to answer directly, saying that he can’t yet say the name, but it’s a yet-unannounced game that many people are currently anticipating and that he’s received personal requests about. He foresees a huge reaction to its revelation. What his team is up to is anyone’s guess, and guessing is probably just what he intended with that hint drop. Well 2010 is practically here, so let the guessing begin. Again.


Generally, our tips from industry insiders have been reliable. So much so, in fact, that I got pretty lazy in doing independent research and recently published something I shouldn’t have. Tetsuya Nomura did in fact promise announcements of currently secret game in 2010, but the part about having received requests for the title did not show up in the interview. We published this (as a rumor, not as news, mind you) based on a tip — and like I said, these have been historically trustworthy — but as you can see in reading the actual pages of the magazine, that part of his supposed quote is not there. The magazine has hit shelves, and upon good advice, looking at the pages shows nothing of the next game having been personally requested. This mixup was my fault for not waiting for the magazine to come out before posting the leaked “info.” When stuff like this happens, RPG Land will always be straight with you about it instead of just slash-and-burn delete crap like, oh, say, certain other places. Thank you all.

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I'd take either! But would rather a FF7 Remake in all honesty.

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Can't wait!