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FFXIII PS3 topping pre-order charts



--- Quote ---it?s the reason many PS3 owners bought a PS3, and it?s finally due out this March 9th, after an extraordinarily long wait. If you haven?t already pre-ordered this enormously anticipated game, an enticing incentive is being offered that is sure to get you to pre-order.

According to, Final Fantasy XIII is the retailer?s top pre-order. The game is a hot item, that?s for sure, but with so many other blockbuster games due early this year, why has Final Fantasy XIII risen to the top so quickly?

That?s due to a pre-order incentive, where offers you a $10 credit toward a future video game purchase, good on an video game. All you have to do is pre-order with Amazon and wait until March 9th when your order ships, you?ll then be issued the credit. If you were planning on pre-ordering or purchasing FFXIII on day one then you?d better take advantage of this amazing offer.
--- End quote ---

Certainly, it remains true that when a franchise has been exclusive to one of the two aforementioned platforms for nearly 14 years, the vast majority of its fans have continued on with that platform. But with everyone saying the PS3 version is slightly better, that might also have had its impact on the pre-order numbers: as noted by VGChartz, FFXIII has hit the pre-order chart and the PS3 version resides in the #3 position with 338,765 reserves.

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